GMK Handarbeit+ Keycap Set

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7/31/19 - GB Ended, MOQ Met.

8/7/19 - Payment sent to GMK

11/30/19 - OLD Tenative Est. Ship date.

11/6/2019 - Delays

NEW Tenative Est. Ship Date: Q1 2020


GMK Handarbeit+ is a set using 11 colors from the GMK palette, modeled after the keycap set found on the Cherry G81-3000 HBD keyboard. This colorful keycap set is the perfect way to add an eccentric flair to your keyboard. With added compatibility for modern keyboards, you can now bring the uniqueness of these old keycaps to any keyboard you want.

Let's be real, this is some marketing crap and I'm trying to sell you these Fisher Price keycaps so you can be an idiot and meme with them.

Go for it.

50% of proceeds from the group buy will be donated to the Autism Science Foundation.


This group buy should ship around November 30, 2019.

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