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GMK Beloved Group Buy

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GMK Beloved is a reboot of the 6(7?) year old set, GMK KA2017, with some considerations made for the modern day. 

To date, GMK KA2017 has not had a rerun, so with permission from the original designers, mcmcmc has partnered up with community vendors for a reissue of this classic Valentine's set, introducing R5 to the base kit while retaining the set's striking custom pinks.

Manufactured by GMK with high-quality double-shot ABS, this 139-key Base Kit, Beloved can comfortably fit many popular layouts such as 65%, TKL, 1800, Full-size and more.

The Novelties Kit comes with all of the novelties originally in the 2017 set, now updated to use R5. New to the set is the addition of a Hangul add-on kit. Truthfully, mcmcmc just liked how it looked.

Profile: Cherry

Row Layout: 1-1-2-3-4-5

Material: ABS

Manufacturing Process: Double-shot injection molding

Custom colors will match that of GMK KA2017.

Deskmat dimensions: 394 x 160 mm

Estimated Shipping Time: May-June 2024