Cherry MX Black

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1) Krytox GPL 205G0
2) Tribosys 3204
3) Tribosys 3203
You can swap 1 & 3 depending on if you value the speed (3203) or the smoothness (205G0).

Blacks have the misfortune of being put into four categories.

Vintage, well worn - The best of the best. Old, worn in switches using fresh MX Black molds. Feels awesome when lubed.

Vintage, NOS - Old switches with fresh molds. They need to be broken in if you want the best feel but they're pretty good alone, just not as good as well worn ones.

When separating vintage blacks, you pretty much have to cherry pick out the ones that are more well worn than the others. It's a lottery, never consistent, and can get pretty damn pricy.

Pretool (Pre-retool) MX Blacks) - Not great. By now, (1999 - 2016) the molds have degraded and the plastic formulation has slightly changed. Switches will feel scratchy and really quite bad.

Retooled MX Blacks - Cherry redid their molds sometime in 2016. A solid 8/10 in most cases, but in recent months the quality has started to decline, and we don't know if this is just mold failure or batch-by-batch variance. Some new batches can be great but they can also turn out pretty okay. However, they're a cheap, consistent choice that's pretty damn good.

They take well to lube and for a more buttery feel, I prefer using Krytox GPL 205G0.