Cherry MX Brown

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1) Tribosys 3203

2) Tribosys 3204

205G0 will kill your tactility. Use something like 3203 to preserve tactility (lul) while still gaining smoothness.

Known to a fair amount of people as "Cherry MX Reds with sand in them," Cherry MX Browns catch a lot of heat for feeling unsatisfactory in both the tactile and linear environments. A middle ground between the two, the MX brown accomplishes nothing. I personally dislike these switches immensely, but to those out there actively using and enjoying these things, you do you, boo.

I wouldn't lube these at all since whatever tactility you've got will evaporate and you're just left with a really sandy linear, but if you MUST, 3203 without lubing the legs would be the path you'd wanna' take.