Cherry MX Hirose Orange

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1) Krytox GPL 205G0
2) Tribosys 3204
3) Tribosys 3203

You can swap 1 & 3 depending on if you value the speed (3203) or the smoothness (205G0).

Hirose Oranges are an old, rare switch, mid-stiffness linear only found in a couple of boards. If broken in properly they rival the smoothest of vintage blacks. They also have a different stem than the rest of the Cherry MX boards, being able to fit normal Cherry MX Keycaps (at the detriment of the keycap much of the time) or some proprietary keycaps made just for them, including triple and quadshot caps made for the Yamaha QX3 synthesizer. They were manufactured not by Cherry themselves, but a Japanese Cherry distributor named Hirose Sensing Technology in a joint venture called Hirose Cherry Precision (HCP) and as such some housings may either read HCP or Cherry.

The ones I have harvested and tried myself are really quite smooth and I enjoy them a lot. They shined the best when paired with a thin coating of 205g0.