Cherry MX Red

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1) Krytox GPL 205G0

2) Tribosys 3204

3) Tribosys 3203

You can swap 1 & 3 depending on if you value the speed (3203) or the smoothness (205G0).

There's not much to say about the MX red. It's a somewhat light linear and it takes fairly well to being lubed. It's been marketed as the GAMER switch but no one gives a shit about that. Lube them up, they'll feel good.

Retooled Cherry MX Reds exist and were one of the first switches to be retooled. Try and get some retooled ones to lube, pretooled cherry MX linears aren't that great, so try and ignore those.

Overall they feel pretty good.

A thin coating of Krytox GPL 205G0 is what I'd use for some buttery reds.