There are multiple ways to contact Switchmod Keyboards, but the most efficient way by far is to use my discord server. With the amount of order emails I receive many customer queries get lost in the pile very often.


In order of effectiveness in getting my attention:


1a) Contacting me through Discord is very effective. Responses either happen before I start packing for the day or while I'm packing.

1b) Krelbit#5739


3) Tune in during a packing stream on Twitch.

4) Reddit: /u/Krelbit, /u/switchmod_keyboards.


6) Teaching a monkey to speak and flying it to my address

7) Good ol' message in a bottle.

7a) If in Minnesota, Smoke Signals.

8) Screaming from a very high mountain.

9) Literally filing a PayPal dispute.

10) By clicking this link I realize that emailing Krelbit is INCREDIBLY UNRELIABLE, and will almost certainly end up with my email being put into spam, which he rarely checks. However, I am either very dumb or very persistent, and will try to email him anyways. Link