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A collection of questions that have been asked of me, frequently.

1) Where do you ship from? Do you ship internationally?

A: Shakopee, Minnesota. Lubricant is packed and shipped from MA. Currently, we can ship internationally.

2) Why is my order still in preshipment?

A: All orders have a 3 business day processing time, and then ship on the day after. When this is lengthened I will let you know, either on my store page or my discord.

3) Can I combine my two orders?

A: Yes. Just DM me on discord or use any contact method in my contact page. However, please do not place 2 orders if you can help it. By doing so, you may not get tracking correctly. Instead, please contact me and ask for your order to be edited. You will then be invoiced the difference.

4) Restock When?

A: Iunno either. If I do it's in my discord.

5) I have a product idea or keyboard/keyset pitch for you.

A: Cool, contact me. Look at the contact page. I always respond, if for nothing than to make fun of your bad ideas.

6) Will you sponsor me?

A: Maybe. Let me see your collection of works, contact me by using any method on the left. A portfolio or a well recognized name is highly recommended before even thinking about becoming one of my affiliates.

7) My package is lost. Can you help me?

A: Possibly. If the order is small, I very well may replace it out of pocket. However, for larger orders, my responsibility as a vendor ends as soon as I hand the package to the postal service. I will try my best to help but know that my liability ends there and there's nothing I can do about it either.