International Sales during the COVID-19 Pandemic

5/24/20 Update: As of today I no longer feel comfortable sending packages internationally, as there is a large amount of packages in transit that I know will probably end up back with me, wasting both of our time and money in the process.


As such, all international orders are not allowed for an indefinite amount of time. Shipping will not be available for any sales outside of the United States (and territories) This will not apply to group buy orders, or any existing international group buy orders starting with GMK Alter. All international orders placed before May 24 are subject to the terms below.

I apologize for the inconvenience.




If your country is affected by international service suspensions, your order will be cancelled. Click here to find out if your country is on this list.

Otherwise, all other international orders placed after April 29 will be exempt from replacements, or refunds, until said otherwise. Your package will (100%) be delayed for an indefinite amount of time. I cannot and will not take any action if it is delayed for a long time, lost, or damaged. I will not replace your orders. I can guarantee that your order will be shipped. I cannot guarantee that it will get to you.

If you are not in the United States, and you have placed an order that has not shipped and you would like to cancel, please visit

This is not a good time for international customers to make purchases, but if you have to, please take this into account.

Purchase at your own risk.