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What is a Group Buy?

A Group Buy (or GB) is the Keyboard Community's term for crowd funding. Products in group buy must reach a certain amount of products sold before manufacturing can start. After the buy hits it's MOQ (minimum order quantity), and the group buy period ends, production will begin. This means that if that certain number is not reached before the predetermined time set for the group buy, the product will not be made, and participants will be refunded. Products are not sold by quantity, and therefore cannot be sold out.

When in the hands of a trusted community vendor, group buys are akin to preorders. However, an element of risk lies in entrusting a newer vendor or individual running a group buy with your money. Please be wary and do your own research when considering joining a group buy.

Group Buys from are non-cancellable, and non-refundable. This rule, of course, is excluded if the group buy does not reach MOQ.

Group Buys happen because these products take a lot of money to manufacture, and there is not enough money in our coffers. However, this allows far more community-based interaction and makes the buying process truly more democratic.



Refunding a group buy order falls into 3 brackets.

If an order is cancelled before the order is submitted to the manufacturer, no fee will apply.
If an order is cancelled after the order is submitted to the manufacturer, a 3.3% fee will apply.
If a group buy is stalled for 3 months past it's estimated delivery date, refunds will be available without question, upon request - with no fee.

After a group buy product has been delivered, group buys are non-refundable.

Once payment has been submitted, updates can be found most reliably on

GROUP BUY SPOTS CANNOT BE SOLD. The headache that results from the sale of a group buy spot being sold is too troublesome to deal with. If a GB spot is found to have been sold, the order will be cancelled immediately. Please do not buy group buy spots.

If your group buy order contains items in group buy and items not in group buy, you will be refunded instantly without question.

The date on a group buy is an estimate, and not a guarantee of product on that exact date. Delays and issues with the process can result in late delivery.

The product may not even arrive as promised, and that's why we will be updating along the way with pictures of the process to avoid that possibility as much as possible.


Group buy products (this includes pre-orders) cannot be placed into a cart with products that are not from the same group buy. If this is attempted, there are safeguards in place to keep you from checking out. However, if this is bypassed in any way you shall promptly and immediately be refunded and your order will be cancelled. Please make a new cart without any offending items and you will be just fine.