Noxary T60 Keyboard Case

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These are Noxary T60 Keyboard Cases in Night Blue. They are ready to ship. All keyboard cases will fit a standard 60% PCB and come with a Ice Blue plate. All cases have small internal anodizing hook marks, but these are not visible after the keyboard has been built. An album exists for each keyboard case with images, and any particular case can be expanded upon by DMing me on reddit, instagram, or discord (preferred).

All cases are A Stock. Depending on the severity of the blemishes, small discounts are available.

Note: This plate does not support split right shift,  however the model PCB/Plate combo used for taking pictures does.



1x Noxary T60 Keyboard Case Night Blue

1x Noxary T60 Plate - Ice Blue

4x M2X5 Hex button head screws.


Album Links

T60 8

T60 9

T60 13

T60 17

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