GMK Sandstorm Keycap Set - Pre-Order

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Did you miss your chance in joining the GMK Sandstorm GB? Join these pre-orders today to get a spot earlier than extras.

Extras will still be sold at a markup to the pre-order.

Here are the quantities and markups for the GMK Sandstorm Pre-orders.

Base - $25 markup over GB price - 25 sets

Extension - $11 markup over GB price - 14 sets

Spacebars - $7 markup over GB price - 5 sets

These keycaps are expected to be shipped around March 2020, with the GMK Sandstorm GB.


These Keycaps are part of a group buy and therefore are adhererent to the group buy terms on this site. 

If you'd like to learn more about GMK Sandstorm, please visit it's appropriate GB page.

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